Ok so here is the Deal with the “GARDENERS BEEHIVE”

This is not beekeeping, this is way more exiting, fun, less hassle and all round better for honey bees and the environment.



Yes this is firkin exiting stuff!! You get your hive in the best possible spot. Then when you’re all set up and the first flowers are out, you will see the first bugs and then the first bees of spring!! Now it’s only a matter of weeks before the first swarms start emerging!! Will I even get bee's this year? This season?? This spring?? Then the question is! Do you re-bait or wait? If your re-bait, it could chase them away, if you don’t they might not find your hive!! AAAaaa !! Will you get the first swarm out of a wild hive? These are the best, are the strongest, and it will have a toff queen who has survived autumn and a winter!

Then you see some bees showing and interest, then you see more. Some might even stay overnight!! And if you are very lucky you might even see the swarm move in! or even see a swarm scoping and casing out the area from a nearby tree for a week or so! Then in they go!! This only takes about twenty minutes and they are in. then a few days later you start seeing pollen going in then you know there is good chance you have a viable queen and soon you will see the numbers getting bigger and stronger. YAY !! but will they be happy, they might just leave after a few days!! The queen even if she is in might die from the stress of the move!

Then there are questions like where are they foraging, what will my honey taste like, will it be a good season. If you have had them in for a year the question is, has the queen started laying, has she moved down? So I can put honey boxes on? Is the pollen flow strong enoph?


This is really exciting stuff, all the time you have this glowing feel good feeling, in the knowledge that you are directly making a contribution to helping honey bees, for now and many years to come, from this very simple but so effective contraption.

Meet Our Bees

 With everything I do I believe in challenging the statuesque!

I believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the statuesque is by having products that are:

Beautifully designed

Simple to use

and user friendly

We just happen to make the most interesting and revolutionary beehive in the world

would you like to buy one?

But what you are really getting:

When you buy a Gardeners beehive, you are not buying something to become a BEEKEEPER. NO. You are buying much more.

Here is my aim and dream for this, my hobby, my invention. I am now sharing with the world, and with you.

When you buy a Gardeners Beehive, you become one of now, many, "the honey bee hosts". We work with nature not try to force our will on it. We take cair of it, but also take advantages from observation of quirks in bees habits.

For this we are then rewarded, with a calm and well-being, with pollinators and if we like , a little honey for our troubles.


GET YOUR HIVES IN now FOR summer 2018

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Are you concerned about honey bees?

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Bees For Bees sake

bug hotel for honey bees

Why a "gardeners beehive?"

Just call Me

to order

TEL: 0127 9814 301

or use our form

9am till 9pm every day

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The Plight of the Honeybee

Gardeners Beehive: invented in England. For the Love of bees not just honey.

This is not for everyone, but it is for anyone, any where and every where.

Now, no beekeeper is needed.

Now, no training is needed.

​Now even you can make a diference