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If you put a box in your garden nothing will happen! 

There needs to be a number of very specific things going on, and if you get them just rite, bees will just move in, but not only that they will stay, and be happy and healthy! 

I've done all work and research.

You just enjoy the bees!

The Plight of the Honeybee

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Are you concerned about honey bees?

gardeners beehive brood

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Bees For Bees sake

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bug hotel for honey bees
Gardeners Beehive:
Invented in England. For the Love of bees not just honey.

This is not for everyone, but it is for anyone, any where and every where.

Now, no beekeeper is needed.

Now, no training is needed.

​Now even you can make a big difference

Why not consider a "gardeners beehive?"

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       ONLY £ 185. 00

Meet Our Bees

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Just Call 

TEL: 0127 9814 301

9am till 9pm every day

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A "Gardeners Beehive" is a box you put in your garden

Then Honey Bees Just Move In  ! !


Yes Honey Bees! There is only one type

No Beekeeper needed

No stuff !

No training

Every thing you need to get started comes as one package

Only £185.00 + post and pack, ready to go.

You see a box , bees see a tree stump! And that's the magic