New for winter 2017

We can now get fiber glass roofs !!

How cool is that! It is a one off tryl, so

if you would like you need to contact me 

sooner rather than later, as we are just

seeing what demand is like before we go

into full production.


"Gardeners Beehive"

Fill in the form and pay

Then I'll get your honey box in the post to you with in five days.

TO Buy: fill in the form and pay. 

 OR just phone.

 (UK = £  free)

(Europe. = +- £70.00 to most places in Europe)

(note : bees not included)

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Price: £25.00 + postage £10.00?

There are a few great fetures with this new roof. First is slips right over your existing roof. It forces water to drip even further away from the hive body. It has an air gap in the top where you can put straw or kingspan or nothing!


Single honey box

£42.00 + postage (UK = £7.00)

You will require two boxes to build a swarm trap.

In the second year, you can put up to three honey boxes on a hive

What you get:

 1: The complete hive: Legs, roof, hive body.

2: BBSM (bee bio symbiotic mulch) 

3: swarm Lure: this is to attract a queen with her colony of bees to move in.

4: Full instructions. (In addition to this, if you would like, you get email updates of how and what everyone is doing in the "Gardeners Beehive Community".)

As this is a made to order item please email to order.

Just call Me

to order

TEL: 0794 012 4002

or use our form

bug hotel for sale , honey removal box