There are a few great features with this new roof. First is it slips right over your existing roof. It forces water to drip even further away from the hive body. It has an air gap in the top where you can put straw or kingspan.

Hive without fiberglass roof


"Gardeners Beehive"

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(note : bees not included)

When you buy a Gardeners beehive, you are not buying something to become a BEEKEEPER. NO. You are buying much more.

Here is my aim and dream for this, my hobby, my invention. I am now sharing with the world, and with you.

When you buy a Gardeners Beehive, you become one of now, many, "the honey bee hosts". We work with nature not try to force our will on it. We take cair of it, but also take advantages from observation of quirks in bees habits.

For this we are then rewarded, with a calm and wellbeing, with pollinators and if we like , a little honey for our troubles.

bug hotel for sale

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Price: £30.00 + postage £10.00


Normal price:  £ 235.00 + postage YOU save £50.00!

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+ Postage £27.00

Single honey box

£42.00 + postage  £10.00

You will require two boxes to build a swarm trap.

In the second year, you can put up to three honey boxes on a hive

Fiber Glass Roof

Back in stock

If you would like to learn more about bees, I would recommend these two books. You will not learn anything about conventional beekeeping, there is enough of that out there but very little stuff like this! Happy reading.  

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New for winter 2017

We can now get fiber glass roofs !!

How cool is this??!!

So now if you would like to give your bees

a little more protection, for places that get  frost or Snow, now you can.

Please email for postage out side the UK

EVERYTHING you would need to started

 1: The complete hive: Legs, roof, hive body, corks.

2: BBSM (bee bio symbiotic mulch) 

3: swarm Lure:

4: Full instructions.