In nature bees will squirrel away honey in a good summer in all the nooks and crannies of a tree stump.

We take advantage of this , and rob the bees without having an impact on their winter stores.

Boxes are put on the hive after they, the bees, have been in for at least one good season.

They are installed in spring and then removed before winter.

They are just taken off, one evening. Placed in front of the hive. the bees will fly back into the hive.

Leaving the honey and comb.

You can return later that evening and remove the honey and comb. 


​self regulating


Honey boxes is how we get to take a little honey

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But what sets this system apart from every other system, conventional or natural, is how we harvest honey. This is completely unique to the “Gardeners Beehive” we use the “nook and cranny” system.

What is this? We take advantage of a quirk of bees in the wild, so when we harvest honey it is truly excess. How can I make such a claim!?

Here is a little story. So in the wild, bees will live in the main body of the cavity in a tree stump. In a good summer they will squirrel away honey in all the “NOOKS AND CRANNY'S” this is utilised in summer but in winter, a harsh winter they will starve to death with honey still squirrelled away. This is truly a quirk and this excess honey is what we rob.

No other system utilises this quirk. This is truly no gilt honey! 

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