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Bees that are free, choose to live in a tree stump

Tree stumps are expensive and hard to mass produce.

For all intensive purposes to a bee this is a tree stump.

 It smells like one
It looks like one 

It has the correct shape
It has the correct volume

It has the correct symbiotic bugs and mycelium.

Why ?

Area occupied by bees.

What ?

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Once they move in they will start to build honey comb from this top inside, down towards the bottom.

They will use this comb to store food and to grow eggs into bees. As comb has different uses in different parts of the hive it will have different sizes and depths. This is also part of their defence systems.

If they are prone to attack from honey eating insects you sometimes fined they produce very funky comb designs to confuse and to increase the distance these predators have to travel in the hive. If they are susceptible to things like Veroa they make the brood cell size small.

In winter the queen and the remaining bees will move to the top as warm air rises and over winter, on the stored honey. Bees do not go into hibernation, they stay wide awake. Then in spring when the first big flush of flowers emerges and bees can start again bring in nectar and pollen the queen will move down and start to lay again.

Her aim is to leave as soon as she can so a new queen can take over the nest.

Bees need a space that is free for them to build comb in what ever shape and cell size they deem correct

This is all part of their self defence systems.