What you get:

 1: The complete hive: Legs, roof, hive body.

2: BBSM (bee bio symbiotic mulch) 

3: swarm Lure: this is to attract a queen with her colony of bees to move in.

4: Full instructions. (In addition to this you get email updates of how and what everyone is doing in the gardeners beehive community.)

Single honey box

£35.00 + postage (UK = £7.00)

You will require two boxes to build a swarm trap.



Hi ,
 I have been asked to put up products that I would recommend, as well as complete hives and swarm traps for you to buy.

By buying from me, you will be helping me further help against the declining honey bee .

How I do this is by giving hives to people and organisations like schools.

"Gardeners Beehive"

as above

cash or email me for payment details. 

Contact me for delivery cost to you (UK = £ 15.00) and Europe. = £ ?

(note : bees not included)