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gardeners beehive

Above: two honey boxes strapped together to make a honey bee colony lure box.

Above is a section view of a natural beehive in a tree stump. Can you see the similarities??

You have bees Now what?

First thing you need to do:

2: Install: place your hive on a firm footing

When you receive your new hive, you will receive  instructions They will explain all.

 As well as explain how to assemble  and set it up with the correct holes blocked off and wood-chip Mulch (BBSM bee-bio-symbiotic-mulch) in the bottom.

On this page I will show you everything you need to know to start and run your "Gardeners Beehive"

If you were wandering??

Note: there are reportable conditions, so if they get sick or die, have a look into this

It will show you the ideal position:
Away from too many people.
A clear path for the bees for flying out of the hive
Under a deciduous tree, so shade in summer and sun in winter. Best beehive feng shui.
If there is a chance that it might be climbed on or knocked over, it is secured down.

Year 2

Above is a section view of a Gardeners Beehive

1: Buy Your Hive

Once the bees really start to fly, you can add some honey boxes. These can then be removed at the end of summer, and this will be your honey!

Or you can just do nothing, just let the bees do what bees really want to do and that is make more bees!!

If you have an endoscope you can have a look inside and see how they are getting on.

Above is a natural beehive with extra honey stuck away. Can you see the extra Honey??

You have a few options here :

Again we and our community are here to help. With hands on training, videos, chat and advice.

1: You can bait your hive from now until they move in (this might take a year or two)

2: you can do (1) and get a few pairs of honey boxes. Then bait them, and have them about, no more than 30 metres apart. Once a honey box is populated it is merely split and placed on your “Gardeners Beehive."

3: you can do (1) and or (2) and place a few swarm lure sticks about. This is merely a stick with swarm attractant on. It is then placed in a tree about 3m up and if you are vigilant and a little lucky you will get a swarm arrive. This can then be shaken into the hive. (we can help you here too!)

4: You can ask around, local beekeepers, extermination services and see if they don’t have a swarm to give or sell.

Gardeners Beehive

A: body of hive or tree stump

B: BBSM ( bee bio symbiotic mulch)

C: comb with honey

D: comb with brood (babies)

E: entrance holes

F: honey box


H: small entrance, that is normally blocked off.

Well you don’t have to do anything for the first year. You can winterise the hive to help them keep warm through winter. But you don’t even really have to do that.

3: Where and how I get bees?

Here is a Gardeners Beehive with a honey box connected to the side. This is to collect excess honey over the summer so we can rob it with little to no impact to the bees over winter. This can be done without the need of any equipment, like smokers and bee veil.