When you receive your new hive, you will receive  instructions They will explain:

 How to assemble  and set it up (BBSM bee-bio-symbiotic-mulch) in the bottom. Location to site your new hive, and how to bait.

Short version : Put it in your garden (any time of the year) bees move in, in swarm season. Then if you want honey you put honey boxes on. 

Note: there are reportable conditions, so if they get sick or die, have a look into this


Common sense is still required as this is a box full of stinging insects.

Things like:

The ideal position
A clear path for the bees to fly
Under a deciduous tree, so shade in summer and sun in winter. 

Year 2

Above is a section view of a Gardeners Beehive

1: Buy Your Hive

In my research into wild honey bees I have found a natural quirk. We take advantage of this and now have a self-regulating no guilt honey harvest. Bees will squirrel away honey in smaller compartments in a tree stump, add some honey boxes and this mimics this. These can then be removed at the end of summer, and this will be your honey!

Above is a natural beehive with extra honey stuck away. Can you see the extra Honey??

Here is a hive with bees just moving in on their own

You have a few options here :

Here is the one that really works the best

1: You can bait your hive from now until they move in (a week to a year or two)

Well you don’t have to do anything 

3: Where and how I get bees?


If you were wandering??

A: body of hive or tree stump

B: BBSM ( bee bio symbiotic mulch)

C: comb with honey

D: comb with brood (babies)

E: entrance holes

F: honey box


H: small entrance, that is normally blocked off.

You have bees Now what?

Here is a Gardeners Beehive with a honey box  This is to collect excess honey over the summer so we can rob it with little to no impact to the bees 

Above is a section view of a natural beehive in a tree stump. Can you see the similarities??

2: Install: Optimum placement 

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Above: two honey boxes strapped together to make a honey bee colony lure box.

First thing you need to do: