• How big is it? : It is about shoulder height and 500mm W x 500mm D

  • What does it cost? : It is £185.00 for everything to get started, and with a little luck to get bees, however you can buy more lure if you require.

  • How do I get honey? : In the second year you can buy “honey boxes” these attach to the sides and that is how we collect the honey.

  • Honey Box cost? : £42.00 each

  • Do I need to replace the BBSM? : No

  • What is BBSM? : bee bio symbiotic mulch

  • What is BBSM for? : It has beneficial mycelium, it gives correct smell, it is home to beneficial bugs that live with and help the bees.

  • How heavy is it? : Empty it is 27kg

  • When is the best time to put one in? : Anytime of the year, because it ideally needs to weather in a little, to be more appealing.

  • How long will it take to get bees? : two weeks to two years.

  • Can I buy bees? : Yes you can buy hives that have already been populated, but to just buy bees is not in the spirit of the system.

  • What will bees cost? Swarms are sold for about £180.00 to £ 250.00 depending on the size of the swarm.

  • How big must my garden be? : From a balcony in London ,or a terrace garden to a stately home 

  • How much honey will i get? : In a good summer you will only get about 4 or 5 litres, in a bad one you will get nothing. This is the only completely self-regulating hive system.

  • Can I come and see your bees? : You are more than welcome to come round and visit my bees, and I’ll show you have simple it really is. You can even buy one here.

  • Can I buy one directly from you without carriage charge? : Yes, just phone first.

  • Question: Fowl Brood. How do I check and control? 
    Answer: According to "the national bee unit" BF is predominantly the result of beekeepers and beekeeping practices. Let's scrutinise a few. Reusing equipment between hives. Never done with Gardeners Beehives. Not sterilising equipment. Conventional beekeeping can't sterilise gloves and everything coming into contact with hives. With a Gardeners Beehive we can. Bees robbing and spreading through an apiary. Gardeners Beehive is a non-apiary system with hives no closer than 100 to 200 metres apart this reduces robbing to virtually nothing. Migratory beekeeping. Never done. Disease Control with chemicals or quarantine. Never done with Gardeners Beehive. On discovering a diseased hive, it is always sealed up and then completely burnt. Nothing is ever reused or tried to be fixed. It is just exterminated. Hives are checked every year using an endoscope and samples can be taken at that time. The endoscope is then cleaned with a bleach and then alcohol between hives.

If you have any questions to add please let me know.