So now from 2016 it is my pleasure to be able to announce:  "We have started manufacturing and put into the mainstream market the “Gardeners Beehive”, so that everyone can help, and enjoy bees". You can help too by providing a habitat.

Very little training needed. No extra equipment needed. No apery needed. No permission needed. No membership of any club needed!! JUST DO IT!! 

Bees Under Siege!

Well my beekeeping started with my grandfather’s farm in Africa helping and my uncle with his bees. I must have been about ten years old if not younger. Then I remember catching my first swarm in a park when visiting a friend only being about 12, and his mom was freaked out, but I caught them, and put them in a plastic container. I only became aware of the world wide problems with bees, when I came to the UK in 2000, and decided to help or at least try to make a difference. So I first built myself a top bar hive. Then I was a beekeeper again. I had to build something better, so after quite some experimenting and from my African Beekeeping. I evolved a hive like no other, the “Gardeners Beehive". Over time and with quite some fine tuning we now have the hive you see today.​​

Its now up to you to decide to help!!

gardeners beehive a look inside

My Life With Bees

We’re just honey farmers, right? But recent events have us very worried. And not just for ourselves – for everyone.


In addition to producing honey and beeswax, bees pollinate the plants that produce fruits, vegetables and nuts worldwide. Unfortunately pesticide use, parasites and Colony Collapse Disorder have reduced the number of bees available to carry out this important function.


While the population has been dwindling for years, the bee shortage is reaching alarming proportions.  In fact, because bees are vital to 30% of the food supply, some experts predict a global food production crisis. It has become so bad that farmers have started “renting” bees to pollinate their crops, paying beekeepers to put hives right on their farms.


Become a Beekeeper and provide Bees with a habitat. Let them do what bees do naturally. They will get stronger if allowed to have a natural environment to live in, as has been shown in natural beehives