Swarming is actively encouraged

This makes for stronger bees

More resilient bees

More genteel bees

More swarms available to nature

Honey bee Good Housekeeping .

Forget anything you might know about conventional beekeeping, this is not beekeeping, this is a "honey bee-habitat." so you are a" host", not a" keeper"

How it works??

 1: Buy, Install, with the provided compost in the bottom, and top holes plugged.

      2: two month before swarm season, bait your hive with the bait provided.

         3: you can put up lures and swarm traps, to further increase your chances of catching bees.

            4: once bees move in, or you pop some in, you are beekeeper. Job done.

How to get Honey??

 1: yes this can be adapted to get some exes honey!

    2: Buy some honey boxes, attache them to the Beehive.

       3: Then before the end of summer in your second year and every year after that, you can harvest honey, for you and your family.

Everything and then feed sugar

or at best a wild-guess as to what they will need for winter.

Bees don’t make honey, they want to make more bees, honey is only to survive though winter.

Taking advantage of a quirk of bees in the wild, only excess honey is ever removed.

 This is the only completely self-regulating bee honey harvesting system in the work in existing today.

So no guess work required. There has no impact on the hive. 

In Conventional

Yes: in most

No: in “Top bar Hive”  

Swarming is actively stopped.

This is done by killing new queens.

Splitting hives.  

Cutting queens wings so they cannot fly

To name a few practices


Removing honey


Virtually every beekeeper will, to “help” however this has the opposite affect!

It makes future generations reliant on the feed

It makes the honey a, “sugar honey” not a “nectar honey”, thus having very little benefits other than tasting like honey. 

Swarm naturally

This is to strengthen the bee population and help to adapt to the environment and new pests and diseases. This also helps increase bee colony’s naturally 



Gardeners BeeHive


In Nature

Normally in a vertical home