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Are you concerned about honey bees?

gardeners beehive brood

Bees For Bees sake

bug hotel for honey bees

Do you want to do more to help Honey Bees?

Than just plant flowers?

But DON'T want to be a beekeeper?

Now if you have a garden or an open space you can have a "Gardeners Beehive"

The only Honey Bee Habitat System in the world!!

Put one in NOW  so it can "weather in" over winter, for the first bees looking for a new home in the summer.

​Act now or miss out!

Gardeners Beehive, invented in England. For the Love of bees not honey
A very different take on keeping bees, to help bees not to help our selves to their honey--  No Beekeeper Needed!

Why a "gardeners beehive?"

It's no longer all about the HONEY! 

It's not all about being part of "THE CLUB"

My beekeeping system is exactly not that! This lets you to be a "Bee Host" and not a keeper of bees.

This makes you unique, unique as the system I have created.

Helping bees, not us helping ourselves to their honey and messing with a very interesting life cycle. A life cycle that dose not actually need human intervention!

All it needs to succeed is a safe home, a safe HABITAT

Meet Our Bees