Lets all make a difference!

YOU can now directly help honey bees. Providing them with a habitat and make a real difference in the world.
To you and me it looks more like a box. But to Honey Bees it looks like a tree stump. Their ideal natural habitat is a tree stump. But more than that it smells like one and protects them like one to.

gardeners beehive brood

Beekeeping for non beekeepers

Your own beehive! 

What could be more fun or more natural??

This is so awesome!

Gardeners Beehive, invented in England. Now anyone, people like you and me can have honey bees living in the back yard.

Why a "gardeners beehive?"

You put the "gardeners beehive" in your garden

Set it up as per the instructions

Put bee lure on it ever few days

Soon a bee colony will move in


Then you are a honey bee "host"

Not really a "beekeeper" as you do not have to cut off the queens wings for the bees to stay.

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