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gardeners beehive

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Lets all make a difference!

YOU can now directly help Honey bees. Providing them with a habitat and make a real difference in the world.


I have always given money to help endangered animals in far off places around the world, but in my very own backyard honey bees are facing extinction!! In my backyard!! So I had to do something Traditional beekeeping is a big part of the problem, with practices like stopping bees swarming, killing queens and drones, inbreeding, and importing queens, to name a very few. Having been a beekeeper, I now wanted to be a bee host, by providing honey bees with a safe place they could breed and do what bees want to do “make more bees!”


News flash!! Bees don’t want to make honey for you! They want to make more bees!! And if you give them a chance they will!! Very successfully.


So after putting all my mind and effort into it, over a number of years, I have now got a product that is not only replicable, but is ethical, and everyone can help. If you live in a London terrace house, in a flat with a balcony, to having a big estate, we can all help.


Honey is a natural resource of almost infinite variety. The colour, aroma, and flavour of a particular honey depends on the nectar source. Blueberry honey, for example, tastes entirely different from honey made by bees who feed on alfalfa.

It is sad that what you buy in the supermarket is mostly honey made by bees fed on sugar!!

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We now ship throughout the UK free. However, please enquire for prices for shipping to the outer UK islands, Ireland and Europe.

Pure, honey. What could be more natural? From your own bees!!??

Gardeners Beehive, invented in Essex, England for our Temperate climate, and thus is usable from areas with light snow in winter to almost the tropics.

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